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Create an Exciting World

For Our Children


We try our best to be a friend to the children while teaching them English.

We are entertainers!

Nothing makes us happier than making children smile.

Every member of our team is always diligent in our work. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an outstanding English education.

Together with Wings

Wings feels much like a big family.

There are always obstacles that one cannot overcome alone, but with a community like ours, the possibilities are endless.

To create an environment which fosters happiness and growth, we work together without fear of failure. Every member of our company brings unique skill sets and ideas, that we incorporate into developing the most comprehensive English program for children.

By doing so, we create an environment where everyone is happy and always learning.

That is the Wings community.  

As a Host

“I feel at home here”.

This is what we want the children to feel when they come here. We look after the children and pay attention to them so that we can help them with their English whilst having fun with them.

As a Fun Workplace

Wings Kids Family is an exciting workplace. We expect both students and teachers to have a great time. Working and learning is a lot easier when you have fun!

As an Open Workplace

We provide an open workplace, where the opinions of our workers are respected and listened to.

We encourage new ideas and criticism, as we believe that we can always improve our methods.

As Fun People

Although we are professional, we are hardly “serious” at work. We always like to have fun, both with the students and other staff members. We are a community of fun and open people, and we love making  our children laugh!

We Adapt and Evolve

We always strive for improvement. Since the “best” method of education is always changing, we have developed a fluid system where we can implement improvements easily. Our ears are always open to the students, their parents, and even our staff members to continue developing ideal methods of education.

School Manager

Yuka Kiyooka

Our goal is to create an english education environment where children use English as a means of communication. That being said, it is also important to us that they retain their Japanese speaking ability, and become true bilinguals.


We promise to provide an authentic English-speaking environment with children, even if they are in Japan.

English Teacher

OLIVER from Canada

Relaxed classes and fun activities make everyday enjoyable. You will be rewarded for your creativity working here. Staff members have countless opportunities to pitch in ideas for activities, which allows us to make contributions to our curriculum and the children's’ learning experience.

English Teacher


DANI from U.K.

Our students actively tackle and engage with the English language by playing games, being involved in activities, giving presentations, singing songs, and reading stories.


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